National Spanish Exam

The National Spanish Examinations are online, standardized assessment tools for Grades 6 -12, given voluntarily by over 3800 teachers throughout the United States to measure proficiency and achievement of students who are studying Spanish as a second language. The National Spanish Examinations are the most widely used tests of Spanish in the United States.

Here is some updated information on the NSE:

Beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year, NSE will provide two options to teachers as follows:

  1. NSE – National Spanish Examinations
    All registration and test administration procedures will remain unchanged from 2018.
  2. NSA – National Spanish Assessments
    AATSP announces a new series of examinations called the National Spanish Assessments.
    The National Spanish Assessments (NSA) are the non-contest version of the NSE.  The NSA is valid assessment tool written from the same specifications and standards as the National Spanish Examinations.
  • Registration and testing can take place throughout the academic year.
  • The cost of the NSA is $3 per student.
  • Each of the four modules (Interpretive Reading, Interpretive Listening, Vocabulary, and Grammar) can be administered separately.
  • Each of the four modules can be administered twice and at different points in the year to show growth.
  • The NSA is not part of the NSE contest, and there are no prizes nor scholarships.
  • Results are available immediately through the teacher’s Quia account.
  • Results are provided in points and percentages, not in percentiles.

AATSP is currently working with Telefónica Educación Digital to develop the SEAL Exam.  This full-proficiency examination combines the NSA exam scores, M1 (Interpretive Reading) and M2 (Interpretive Listening), with the SIELE S5 scores for Presentational Speaking and Writing.

  • Schools must apply to become testing centers to administer SIELE through the SIELE website.
  • Approved test centers can administer other SIELE exams in addition to the SEAL exam.
  • Teachers register for the SEAL exam through the NSE website using ONE online registration form.
  • The cost of the SEAL Exam is $89.
  • Results are generally available within three weeks of testing.
  • Results are provided as a proficiency using CEFR proficiency levels.
    NOTE:  Correlation of CEFR levels to ACTFL levels are readily available.
Another big change is in the costs. The National Fee is still $4 but our chapter fee for HI is now $1.50 (formerly $2).

Hawai‘i winners of the National Spanish Exam will be posted here.

For information on taking the National Spanish Exam, contact Jami Higashi-Lee.

Visit the national website for more information.